Quilted Nail Design With Rhinestones

This is such a fun design to wear on your nails. This look can be achieved by making a quilted pattern on the nail using a striper nail art brush or using some striping tape or scotch tape cut into thin pieces. After the quilted pattern is achieved, apply rhinestones wherever you feel like.

Spring Flower Nail Art With Rhinestones

This is a bright nail design with flowers perfect for spring and summers. This look can be achieved by making some bright colored French tips and some flowers, either painted freehand or using some flower shaped nail stickers. To compliment the look there are rhinestones of the corresponding color.

Rainbow Rhinestone Nail Art

I just love everything glittery and this design is like a glitter bomb on the nails! For the accent rainbow rhinestone nails, just apply different colored rhinestones in the shape of a rainbow and on the other nails apply the glitter of your choice.

Girls like some bling factors in our lives—diamonds, after all, are a girl’s best friend. Nowadays, nail art has become so popular that every day we come across some new nail trends that are floating around in the fashion world. But when it comes to dazzling nail design, which one catches everybody’s eye? Well, we girls are ever ready to learn something new!

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Hope you liked all the rhinestone nail art designs. Try them and be ready to dazzle the world!

Do you like nail art? Which is your favorite nail art design? Do share with us in the comments section.

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